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In 2019, the four major hotel brands invested $50 million dollars in a startup called Groups 360. Today, Groups 360 is becoming the online marketplace where you can book group hotel space. The airlines should take note.

Whether you are booking 25 rooms or 25 seats on a plane, both processes are riddled with inefficiencies. For the last decade, the group travel space has operated offline. And when we say “operated offline,” we mean everything from searching to contracting space, all the way down to payment and ticketing — everything happens analog.

For a complex myriad of reasons, both airlines…

Booking group airfare is radically different from buying a single flight on your favorite OTA like Expedia or Google Flights. The product has some unique features that more people should take advantage of.

Group of people waiting in line at the airport.

If you are traveling in a group of ten or more passengers and need to ensure your group travels together, then booking a group contract is the way to go. While group rates are seen by the airline as a speciality/premium product, there are some amazing benefits that we think make the slightly higher price a great value.

Group tickets are refundable

While COVID-19 forced the airlines to be more flexible…

Group airfare is one of the last parts of travel to come online. Historically, customers were forced to shop for rates over the phone, as if the internet didn’t exist.

Like many startups, our founding team launched Bacarai to solve our own problems. It was 2018, and our team was busy booking a ton of group airfare, which means we were spending tens of thousands of hours on the phone with the airlines…

Taking a step back, to understand the motivation behind launching Bacarai, you first need to understand the current customer journey in regards to booking group flights. Its borderline laughably archaic.

Let’s say you want to book a group of 40 students for an 8th grade trip to Washington DC. …


Building the world’s first online marketplace for group airfare.

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